What is Saly Shilodara?

What is Saly Shilodara?

We introduce our special treatment of this month, Saly Shilodara.


Shilodara is one of Ayurvedic treatment with a history of 5000 years.  In Indian language Sanskrit, Shilo means Head and Dara means Flowing.  After head massage, keep dripping body temperature oil constantly on the middle of forehead.  In a word, it is “brain massage”.

It is impossible to massage the brain directly, which is surrounded by the skull.  However, Shilodara uses oil to generate “Theta waves”, which are called brain waves of meditation and perform the brain massage by resonating in the skull.


We have a lot of reputation as below,

  • Very relaxing
  • Became sleeping well at night
  • The autonomic nerve became normal and recovered health
  • Improved complexion and lifted up as well
  • No more headache
  • Hair started growing from the alopecia areata area


Why don’t you try Saly Shilodara to heal your tired brain with the 7 different kind of oil, supervised by popular Beauty Designer Saly Suzuki?


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