Clear & Brilliant Q & A ①

Clear & Brilliant Q & A ①

“What is Clear & Brilliant”?


Clear & Brilliant (CB) is one of medical treatments that resurface your skin by using fractional technology.  In fractional technology, the laser is split into thousands of micro beams and radiated on the skin surface.  Conventional fractional laser treatment associates 4 days of downtime while the redness remains.  However, CB deduces the downtime to just one day.


The old keratin is slowly peeled off in about one week to 10 days, and then it is reborn as smooth skin.  As this restoration process increases the generation of collagen, new skin rejuvenates from within, emerging from deep layers.


The treatment promotes the skin’s power to generate and your skin will gain smoothness after each treatment.


-Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician

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