IPL Photofacial ⑤

IPL Photofacial ⑤

Here is the voice of the customer who had a photofacial treatment.

★Ms. A (Female in her early forties)

Skin problems: Brown spots, Dullness

Experience of Photofacial: 10 years ago

Question 1 – Did you have any anxiety before the treatment?  How was the degree of pain?

As usually I am patient with most of pain, I was not so much anxious.  I didn’t feel any serious pain actually.  I think the feeling of pain varies from person to person.  Since my aesthetician asked how I felt each time, I was very comfortable through treatment.

10 years ago I had photofacials several times in Japan, but at that time I didn’t have any good result on my brown spots.  Because of that, I was worried that I might have same result again.  Also, the brown spots became darker after leather treatment 8 months ago and it made me more worried.

I will let you know next time how the result and satisfaction was.

To be continued……..

– Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician

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