IPL Photofacial ⑦

IPL Photofacial ⑦

Here is the voice of the customer who had a photofacial treatment.

★Mr. K (Late forties, Male)

Skin problems: Brown spots on the cheek

Experience of Photofacial: None

Question 1 – Did you have any anxiety before the treatment?  How was the degree of pain?

A few years ago I realized my brown spots on my cheek had been getting darker and darker.  I decided to have Photofacial treatment according to my wife. (I actually didn’t care so much.)  As it was my first experience, I didn’t know if it was painful or not.  I was just like a carp on the cutting board rather than being anxious.  Honestly, it was more painful than I expected, especially under the nose.  I was told that IPL reacted to dark color such as brown spots or beard and it caused pain.  I had the second treatment on the other day, but I felt less pain than the first time.  Maybe I got used it.

Question 2.  How was your satisfaction and the effectiveness of treatment?

I was surprised to see my face became very dark after the treatment.  As time goes by, I noticed my brown spots became lighter and the skin became smoother.  Also I received some complements from my friends.  As I started using face moisturizing lotion and sunscreen every day, my wife is very happy.

-Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician

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