GEM IPL プリズム

IPL (Photo-Facial) treatment is a special mild light irradiation called Intense Pulsed Light, which damages the melanin pigment and capillareis that cause skin troubles. It is a treatment method that which comprehensively treat skin problems such as age spots, freckles, pigmentation, pores, acne, acne scars and reddish skin. You can get the original skin condition and transparency. Also increasing collagen improves the skin texture and keeps firm.

Reacting with the black and brown color of melanin pigment and destroys it, IPL treats brown spots, freckles and dullness.  It also reacts to red color which approaches the capillaries in the dermis and coagulates to make acne, acne scars and reddish faces less noticeable. However, it may not be effective for hemangiomas or the original red birthmark.  Since the light reaches the dermis layer, it stimulates and activates collagen to make the skin firm and improve pores.  IPL gives less damage after irradiation and require no down time. Because of that, it is very popular among the people who are new to blemish removal treatment, who are resistant to laser treatment, and who want to have treatment without interrupting their routine.


The GEM IPL Prism has an internal cooling system to provide comfortable treatment and it exerts the best effect, by irradiating both the dermis layer and the epidermis layer.  Typically the highest effect can be expected if you have 4 ~5 treatments at 3 ~4 week intervals.

GEM IPL Prism also has hair removal function.

IPL reacts to melanin pigments (black, brown) and the irradiation is absorbed by the hair that contains the most melanin pigment and generates heat.  As a result of thermal damage to sebaceous gland opening, hair bulb and hair matrix cells, which can be so-called hair manufacturing factory, hair regrowth can be prevented. Compare to laser hair removal which targets hair and emits laser light to the deep part of the pores, IPL has a large irradiation area at one time, enabling faster processing and reacts to various hairs from shallow to deep parts of pores.  It demonstrates high effect especially on bristle hair.  Since IPL hair removal which has a wide range of wavelengths was originally used for treating age spots and birthmark, an improvement of dullness and pigmentation can be expected while removing hair.  However, sunburned skin and dark skin may not be able to remove hair because light and heat react with the entire skin and increase the risk of burns.

Highly Recommended For:

Wants to remove age spot

Wants to remove freckles

Wants to improve skin tone

Wants to improve pores

Wants to remove acne scars

Wants to improve pigmentation

Wants to improve red-face

Wants to rejuvenate skin

Wants to remove bristle hair

Points to note about the treatment:

Duration of Procedure :

About 60 minutes


$400 (1 treatment)
Set of 3 = $1,050 ($350 each)
Set of 5 = $1,650 ($330 each)
Set of 12 (Year of Brillance) = $3,600 ($300 each)


What You Can Expect

– Minimal time investment for treatments (initial and interval time)
– Skin safe treatments, minimal side effects
– Comfortable treatments delivered with integrated cooling system
– Exceptional efficacy thanks to varied and smart protocols


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