Mesona-J Facial

Mesona J Facial
What is “Mesona-J Facial”?

The “Mesona-J Facial” is a penetrating beauty treatment that improves blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, elasticity, etc. by penetrating a large amount of beauty ingredients that are appropriate for each problem deep into the skin.


Mesona-J” is a transdermal induction machine developed in Japan exclusively for medical institutions, which electrically makes small holes in the skin using a technology called mesoporation that allows ingredients that cannot be penetrated simply by applying them to the skin to penetrate deep into the skin without causing wounds or pain. The mesoporation method is a technique that electrically opens small holes in the skin, through which high molecular weight ingredients such as Botox, tranexamic acid, placenta extract, fat dissolving agents, and hair regrowth agents can be introduced deep into the dermis in large amounts. It is effective for spots, wrinkles, sagging, acne, red face, melasma, slimming, and alopecia.


This treatment is recommended for those who are sensitive to pain, as there is no pain or downtime whatsoever, and the treatment is relaxing.

Mesona J Facial
What is Mesoporation?

The mesoporation method is said to be an evolution of the introduction technology. By combining two processes, the active ingredients are able to penetrate the skin about 300 times more than with ordinary application and about 70 times more than with the ion introduction method.


The electroporation method uses a pen-shaped probe to apply special electric pulses to the skin, which creates a temporary gap in the cell membrane and creates a path for the ingredients to pass through to the deeper layers of the skin, and then a roller-shaped probe is used to introduce a large amount of active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin where they will be effective through the repulsive force, penetration force and physical pressure of electricity. The roller probe then introduces a large amount of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin where they can exert their effects.


Various active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, and arbutin, which have large molecular weights and could not be penetrated by conventional ion implantation, are introduced in large quantities at once to improve skin problems.


High molecular weight ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 reach the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the skin and act directly on the cells, thus demonstrating efficacy as if a syringe were used.


Although “Mesona J” is a beauty device, it is the only domestic device that has passed the strict quality standards required of medical devices (JIS standards, EMC testing, etc.), and it is of even higher quality and performance than “Mesoactis” made in Italy, a well-known transdermal induction device, and combines high safety and effectiveness.

We recommend this product for these people

Those who wish to improve pore size

Those who wish to improve melasma, spots, and dullness

Those who wish to improve skin texture and luster

Those who wish to improve fine lines and wrinkles and elasticity

Acne and acne scars

Those who want to improve red face

Those who are not comfortable with pain

Those who want a treatment with no downtime.

Points to note about the treatment:
Mesona-J 3 Features

1) No downtime
The treatment can be performed without pain. No downtime.

2) High-molecular weight ingredients are introduced into the dermis layer.
The mesoporation method can introduce a large amount of high-molecular-weight ingredients such as Botox and tranexamic acid into the dermis layer.

3) Effects can be felt from the first treatment.
The effects can be felt from the first treatment (*individual differences exist). The effects will last longer if you continue the treatment.


Mesona-J is a needle-free mesotherapy (water light injection).

Mesona J can be used to inject cosmetic ingredients that are usually injected by injection, such as Botox, hyaluronic acid, facial injections, and hair regeneration treatments, without pain or downtime. Since no anesthesia is used, it is highly recommended for those who are uncomfortable with anesthesia cream on their skin or with needle-based injections.


Course by problem:

Mesona Brightening Basic Course
Price: $270
Set of 3 = $780 (comes out to $260 each)
Set of 5 = $1,250 (comes out to $250 each)
Duration: 70 mins


Bio 10, Tranexamic and Vitamin C
Benefits: Anti-Aging / Whitening / Moisturizing


Mesona Princess Whitening Course
Price: $300
Set of 3 = $870 (comes out to $290 each)
Set of 5 : $1,400 (comes out to $280 each)
Duration: 70 mins


Basic Course + 3 Pointing Choices
Benefits: Blemishes / Melasma / Whitening / Wrinkles / Sagging / Dullness / Pore / Acne / Aging Care


Enhancements 5 Pointing

$15 Each
•Bio 12 (Vitamin 12) – Redness, dark circles under the eye
•Bio A (Vitamin A) – Pores, Acne
•Bio a5 (Arbutin) – Whitening
•AC11 (Promoting DNA Repair) – Aging Care
•Hyaluronic Acid – Deep Hydration


$30 Each
·Bio 8 (Botox) – Wrinkle


Contraindications (those who cannot be treated)
·Cardiac Pacemaker
·Those who have electronic devices or metal inside their bodies
·Heart Disease
·Those with a history of epilepsy


Q. Is there pain during the treatment?
A. There is no pain during the treatment. No downtime.


Q. How long should I wait for the treatment period?
A. It is possible to receive treatment every day. If you continue the treatment, the effect will last. We recommend that you start with 1-2 times a month, and then continue to receive it once a month.


Q. Is there anything I should be aware of after the treatment?
A. No. You can apply make-up immediately after the treatment. You can bathe and exercise normally.


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