Supreme Shirodhara

シュープリーム シロダーラ
Supreme Shirodhara

Beneficial for headaches, stiff shoulder, sagging skin, dementia, rheumatism, sleep disorder, and promote brain rejuvenation.
Shirodhara is a form of Ayurvedic therapy. The name comes from the Sanskrit words, “Shiro” = “Head” and “Dhara” = “Flow”. It was invented in Ancient India as the “Truth of Life = the way to live a better life”. Western and Eastern medical science trace their roots to Shirodhara and it is approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a preventative care for health. A gentle stream of oil is poured on the forehead, or the third eye chakra. During the treatment, a state of meditation is achieved and the brain becomes relaxed as the whole body is treated with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. You will emerge feeling blissful after a total relaxation of brain and body.

Highly Recommended For:

Reducing headaches and stiff shoulders

Preventing dementia and promoting brain activation

Relieving stress and anxiety

Restore body and mind

About the Treatment:

Duration of Treatment: 90 minutes
Foot Bath
Lomi Lomi Massage
Head Massage


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