Microderma Infusion Facial

Microderma Infusion Facial

From Japan’s first medical beauty clinic (since 1973), Dr Ishii’s Beauty Master Pro device is equipped with 3 features:  “deep cleansing, “endermatic introduction” and “cell repair/activation” that dramatically improves your skin.  Utilizing high quality vitamin and antioxidant serums along with the Beauty Master Pro, this facial is effective at targeting sun-damage, pigmentation, premature ageing, dryness, uneven skin tone, improving elasticity and boost radiance.


Deep cleansing
Starts with Ozone cleanse and then follows with a gentle cleansing with ultrasonic waves that emulsifies dirt in pores and sebum. After cleansing, the absorption rate of beauty components is said to increase by 30%.


Endermatic Introduction by Electroporation
This electroporation treatment uses a special type of short pulse current which temporarily opens cell membranes and allow big beauty components (Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin-C,  etc..) to reach the deep layers of your skin.  It has more than 20 times the penetration rate compared to Iontophoresis.


Cell repair / Activation by Micro Current
This activates the skin structure on a cellular level and improves blood circulation promotion and metabolism.

Products we use for the Microderma Infusion Facial:

*Pending on the condition of your skin, products usage may vary


RC Essence (Bio raw ceramide essence that heightens barrier and moisturizing functions of your skin).


Horse Placenta Essence (High purity horse placenta essence is condensed with amino acids, growth factors, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Helps with brightening, wrinkles, skin sagging & skin rejuvenation)


+EGFD (Medical grade EGF – Cell Growth Factor, attacks all kinds of skin troubles and revives skin cells. Helps with Skin rejuvenation, pores, wrinkles and skin sagging.)


Full App Serum (This double blocking formula essence uses antioxidative ingredients, fullerene and APPs, strongly eliminates reactive oxygens that oxidize your skin and causes retrogradation. Helps with antioxidation, pores, skin sagging and acne.)

Skin Collagen Mask
(Doctor Innovated – Medicinal grade, triple collagen sheet manufactured using “Advanced CryoSafe Method that was developed and made in Germany. 3 types of collagen: Insoluble, soluble and peptide work on your skin to prevent skin disorders. maintain resilience and radiance of healthy skin. Helps with wrinkles, skin sagging and acne).


Ferment Gel (Uses two types of fermentation liquor, that sedates and moisturizes with hyaluronic acid and collagen. Helps with anti-inflammatory and improved barrier function)


All Day Gel Mask SPF27 PA+++ (Multi-protective essence that contains antibodies that protects your skin from stress factors such as photoaging, allergen or air pollution. Non chemical UV ingredient that can be applied for 24 hours.

Benefits of Microderma Infusion Facial:

Stimulates cell metabolism

Hydrating - maintains moisture



Pore refining, smoothing

About the Treatment

Duration of Treatment:
Duration: 80 mins


Set of 3 = $705 ($235 each)
Set of 5 = $1100 ($220 each)


Enhancement Option
Collagen Mask: $40.00
*Medical grade collagen sheet that helps smoothes wrinkles, skin appear plumper and more radiant.


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