Premium Rejuvenation Facial

プレミアム アンチエイジング フェイシャル
Premium Rejuvenation Facial Treatment for age-related skin conditions.

Ozone cleansing reduces oxidation, which is the common cause for all aging issues. It also enhances the effect of the treatments that follow. Thick and fine ozone foam softly cleans the deep pores without damaging the skin. After the cleansing, lymphatic massage is provided to face and neckline, bringing you to a totally relaxed state. Blood circulation improves and impurities drains away. 26 Different slow-twitch muscles that cause sagging and aging are then activated by “Slow-Twitch Muscle Training”, which trains the skin to store the memory of self-renewal power. Natural and beautiful facial contour is achieved by training the slow-twitch muscles which cannot be toned up by yourself. After tightening the facial contour, spots are treated by optimally penetrating vitamins using ultrasonic waves. The final treatment uses a fruit extract mask that hydrates and brightens the skin.

Highly Recommended For:

Tightening facial contour

Eliminating built-up fat

Correcting the balance of facial contour

Improving sagging and resilience of the skin

Removing dullness of the skin

Brightening the skin.

Improving blood and lymph flow

About the Treatment

Duration of Treatment: 80 minutes
– Ozone Cleansing
– Lymphatic Massage
– Slow-Twitch Muscle Training
– Ultrasonic Wave
– Face Mask
*Small electric current will be carried to the facial skin. Some may feel light pain due to this.


Rejuvenation Facial
Price: $200
Set of 3 = $570 ($190 each)
Set of 5 = $900 ($180 each)


Downtime: There are no downtime nor risks.

The treatment cannot be provided to: Those who use pacemakers. Those who are pregnant.


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