Nonsurgical lift up – Thermage

Thermage is known as Therma-Cool in Japan. Effective for skin sagging, it is very popular among celebrities as nonsurgical lift up treatment. It is a medical treatment that applies heat to several millimeters below the skin and tightens fat and subcutaneous tissue. It takes one and half hours and has no down time.

You can feel the effect of lift-up immediately, but the best effect appears 3 to 6 months later after treatment. If you take a photo before & after, the difference is obvious.

We recommend you to have next treatment before the effect is completely gone. As Thermage makes the collagen in the deep skin tissue thick and changes the skin with firmness and elasticity, it has the high accumulated effect compare to the other treatments.

However, it is also true that some people hesitate to have treatment due to high price. I will explain next time why I recommend Thermage.

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