Thermage Q & A (1)

Thermage Q & A (1)

Here is one of the most common questions about Thermage.


What kind of effect does Thermage have?


In a word, it’s good for sagging skin.  Thermage is synonymous of effective medical treatment for sagging.

The high frequency energy tightens the collagen fibers and makes the skin firm.  As it tightens the loose collagen in the dermal layer, the amount of collagen itself increases.


Besides sagging, you can expect the following effects.

・Reduce your face fat – generate “Kogao (small face)”
・Reconstruction of the dermal collagen layer – improve skin quality
・Suppression of acne-causing bacteria by heat generated in the skin – Acne improvement

Though everybody has different feeling of effect, I am very satisfied with my smooth skin and the tightened face line.

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