Thermage Q&A (5)

Thermage Q&A (5)

What is the difference between the numbers of shots?


When you have Thermage treatment at Skin Attraction, we ask which you prefer between 900 and 1200 shots. Naturally, the higher the number of shots, the higher the cost.


In Japan, normally a clinic applies 400 shots or 600 shots. However, at least 900 shots are necessary to achieve the maximum effect. Unlike other treatments, Thermage requires treatment only once year from half a year. Therefore, you would like to increase collagen intensively, wouldn’t you?


Each person has different size of the face and the degree of sagging is different as well.


Generally, for the customers in their twenties and thirties who would like to prevent from sagging, 900 shots are enough. Some of those who are in their 40s and older and would like to improve their skin more firmer tend to choose 1200 shots.


We will counsel you before treatment whether you need 900 shots or 1200 shots.


-Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician

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